Alternatives Counseling Services and Southampton High School Introduce:


SHS is proud to announce a partnership with Alternatives Counseling Services to bring teenintervene to our school community.

teenintervene, led by Karen Martin of Alternatives Counseling Services, includes a specific focus on alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use and is proven to reduce the use of both alcohol and marijuana when measured at 6 and 12 months past intervention.

By engaging both the teen and the parents in this three session model, teenintervene is a unique comprehensive program created specifically to drive adolescent engagement and produce positive outcomes.

Referral into the program can come from parents, teachers, staff members, and/or fellow students. Referral forms can be accessed by contacting Brian Zahn, Ed.D., Principal, at or Susan Wright, Assistant Principal at or by calling (631) 591-4600.

Parent/guardian engagement and participation is an important component to the success of the program. Because of this, parent/guardian consent must be obtained prior to the start of services.

We are very excited to bring teenintervene to Southampton High School and believe that this program will have a positive impact on our community. Please do not hesitate contacting Southampton High School at (631) 591-4600 or Alternatives Counseling Services at (631) 283-4440 for further information.