Project Venture Paddle Journey

On June 5th several members of Alternatives Project Venture program participated in a historic event.  The Hokule’a world wide voyage arrived in NYC where they were greeted and honored by various New York Tribal leaders, Shinnecock Youth Council, and Project Venture participants.  The Hokule’a is a traditional double-hulled Polynesian voyaging canoe that is traveling around the globe using traditional fuels and navigational tools to raise awareness about “Island Earth”.  For several years Project Venture participants have embarked on a mission to relearn the ancient knowledge on the land and sea.  In 2012 they began the journey by a historical voyage across Long Island Sound where they first began to learn the meaning of the canoe family.  Participants served as paddlers, support boat crew members, and helpers at each of the landing areas.  Over the next several year’s the canoe family continued to grow in its knowledge of the land and sea, healing from the historical events of the past and inspiring hope for the future.  The Shinnecock Youth Council and Project Venture participants will exchanging cultures, songs, dances, stories, and foods over the next several days with their Hawaiian relations taking one more step the global healing process.  During the summer programming, participants will we be constructing a whale boat and begin to plan its next voyage.